Self Funding Care – Keeping Fit In Later Life Benefits Mind and Body

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get-together‘Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter’ – Mark Twain.

Gaining new physical skills is just as important as the intellectual or creatively minded person.

When you take into account the mental well being which is created when endorphins are released into your body.

It is no secret that most visitors to the doctor could be cured of their discomfort by exercise and not by a dose of anti-depressants from the doctor.

Fitness instructor Peter Czernuszka at the David Lloyd gym in Thames Valley Park said ‘anyone, more or less, regardless of age, can do any sport they like, provided they find the right trainer or the right club’.

‘Admittedly, some sports may pose more of a challenge, but the range of alternatives compensates for this. Those who used to play squash in their youth now play badminton, for example, and there is always non-contact rugby instead of the traditional form’.

‘I know men in their fifties and early sixties who play football regularly in a specialist club’.

Swimming Instructor Viv Hill said ‘Age is no issue at all with learning to swim – I have taught 80-year olds’.

Keeping yourself fit and healthy in your older age keeps you fit in both mind and body, enabling you to make less visits to the doctor, it makes you feel much better allowing you to be more dexterous in your general ability to move around.


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