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Self Funding Care – Keeping Fit In Later Life Benefits Mind and Body

November 5, 2014 in Self Funding Care News 0 Comments

get-together‘Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter’ – Mark Twain.

Gaining new physical skills is just as important as the intellectual or creatively minded person.

When you take into account the mental well being which is created when endorphins are released into your body.

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Self Funding Care News: Councils Concerned About Care Funding

August 13, 2014 in Self Funding Care News 0 Comments

HelpCouncils across England have raised concerns about the government’s plan to “cap the amount of money people in England spend on their social care” (BBC News).

The planned reforms that are set to affect how our social care system for adults works, aim to cap how much certain people pay towards their care (whether in their own home, a Care Home or a Nursing Home).  The cap is intended to be £72,000 at which point individuals would be able to apply for assistance from their local council to help fund their care.

The reforms have already been controversial, as there has been concerns raised as to what is actually included towards that overall cap.  However, nine out of every 10 councils that were asked (152 England-based councils, in total) are worried that a lack of funding will throw the scheme into chaos, with questions raised as to who will cover the costs.

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Self Funding Care News – Dementia-Friendly English Towns and Cities

August 6, 2014 in Self Funding Care News 0 Comments

do I have to self fund my nursing care?Sixty-three English towns and cities are set to become dementia-friendly zones, far exceeding the intentions of David Cameron’s Challenge on Dementia that committed towards creating a mere 20 such communities by 2015, as part of his Dementia Friendly Communities Programme.

The news launches a new project between The Alzheimer’s Society and the British Standards Institution (BSI), in which they intend to define a “standard” or code of practice determining what exactly communities can – and will – do to create a more dementia-friendly environment.

What is a Dementia-Friendly Community?

A dementia-friendly community is a local area that helps raise awareness and teaches people to understand what dementia is, so that they can use this knowledge to respect and continually support their friends, family and neighbours who have the disease.

By creating areas and neighbourhoods that are more understanding of dementia, an economic analysis commissioned by The Alzheimer’s Society suggest that £11,000 could be saved every year, for each person living with dementia, so that they could continue to live an independent life – in their own home – without the need for them to move into an expensive nursing home. This would effectively offer them a better life.

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Self Funding Care News – Elderly Downsizing a Solution to London’s Housing Crisis?

July 30, 2014 in Self Funding Care News 0 Comments

ParliamentLondon – like the majority of the United Kingdom – is facing a serious housing crisis.  Almost every day, the newspapers are full of stories about Rising House Prices, First-time Buyers (especially those aged 18-34) being completely priced-out of the Housing Market.  According to the BBC “The city needs 63,000 new homes each year, but only a third of these are being built”.

With houses not being built quick enough, and not enough houses to go around, the government are being forced to look into alternatives – and sometimes, controversial – solutions, to help tackle the problem, and one of those suggestions is to “encourage” the elderly to move into smaller flats, in order to free up family-sized properties for those struggling.

But could this really solve the problem? If there is a housing shortage, where are the flats for the elderly to move to? And are these flats really ideal for people with potential mobility issues?

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Self Funding Care News – Special Measures for Care Homes

July 23, 2014 in Self Funding Care News 0 Comments

oak-houseEngland’s Care Homes have had a bad reputation for quite some time, with the newspapers often full of horrific stories of failures amongst the places that millions of people put their faith in the hands of, every single year. More over, living in a Care Home is not cheap by anyone’s standards, and when you are paying thousands of pounds – for either yourself or an elderly relative – it is highly likely that you want to know that you are going to get what you have paid for.
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Self Funding Care News – Could Blood Test Pinpoint Alzheimers?

July 14, 2014 in Self Funding Care News 

do I have to self fund my nursing care?Dementia is one of the most worrying diseases currently in existence. But, if you could take a simple blood test to determine your chances of getting the illness, would you take it? This could be an option, in the future, thanks to research currently being conducted.

A group made up of Scientists from various research groups and universities have been working together, comparing the blood of people who fit into three groups:

  • Those who are Healthy
  • Those who have a Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • Those who have Alzheimer’s Disease

They compared the different types of blood, and were able to predict with 87% accuracy whether each of the patients would go on to have Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Self Funding Care – Joint Effort To Become First Dementia Friendly Parliament

July 2, 2014 in Self Funding Care News 

ParliamentThe Parliament in the UK will soon be launching a far reaching plan, together with the Alzheimer’s Society they plan to become the first Dementia friendly Parliament in the world.

The Charity, created for people who suffer with Dementia has thrown it’s weight behind the initiative.

This will see the Parliamentary wide initiative role out throughout the UK, be it a member of staff in London or York, they will all have to have a greater understanding of the condition and act to support sufferers.
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Self Funding Care News – Fire Safety

June 18, 2014 in Self funding care at home, Self Funding Care News, Self funding nursing care, Self funding residential care 

smoke-alarm-safetyA campaign is being launched this month to highlight the need to test your smoke alarm SAFELY on a regular basis.

The campaign, which is called GOODPOINT has been launched after the results of a survey were revealed in which over 85% of people will endanger their lives by climbing on a chair, standing on a shelf or some other dangerous practice that they have always done to test their alarm; with the majority of those being aged over 55.
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