Self funding residential care

Residential includes accommodation, meals, laundry and planned social activities in addition to support with everyday tasks such as help with getting dressed and bathed.

To assess whether residential care is for you and if you have to self fund it, ask your local authority to carry our a care and financial assessment.

What happens if I have to self fund my residential care?

If are assessed as having to self fund the cost of your residential care, there are a range of funding options available.

With professional help you can aim to self fund your residential care for the rest of your life, whilst protecting your hard-earned family nest egg.

Our self funding residential care services include:

  • Creating new income streams out of your capital
  • Assisting with the sale of property.
  • Releasing equity from property where you don’t wish to sell. Find out more
  • Advising on Immediate Needs Care Plans
  • Advising on what state benefits you are entitled to
  • Setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney

With a wealth of additional options at hand, talk to one of our advisers in confidence and without obligation about your later life needs.

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