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Self Funding Care News – Elderly Downsizing a Solution to London’s Housing Crisis?

July 30, 2014 in Self Funding Care News 0 Comments

ParliamentLondon – like the majority of the United Kingdom – is facing a serious housing crisis.  Almost every day, the newspapers are full of stories about Rising House Prices, First-time Buyers (especially those aged 18-34) being completely priced-out of the Housing Market.  According to the BBC “The city needs 63,000 new homes each year, but only a third of these are being built”.

With houses not being built quick enough, and not enough houses to go around, the government are being forced to look into alternatives – and sometimes, controversial – solutions, to help tackle the problem, and one of those suggestions is to “encourage” the elderly to move into smaller flats, in order to free up family-sized properties for those struggling.

But could this really solve the problem? If there is a housing shortage, where are the flats for the elderly to move to? And are these flats really ideal for people with potential mobility issues?

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Self Funding Care News – Keeping People Suffering With Dementia In Their Own Homes

June 25, 2014 in Self funding care at home, Self funding nursing care, Self funding residential care 

mental-healthDementia is affecting an increasing number of people.

In 2012, there were around 800,000 people suffering with some form of dementia – this had an estimated cost of £23 billion a year to the UK economy says the Alzheimer’s Society; this figure is even higher than the combined costs of care for cancer, strokes and heart disease.

We need to find a way to relieve the pressure on our economy, but still allow sufferers to live in their own home at the same time.

Allowing sufferers to keep their dignity is of the utmost importance.
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Self Funding Care News – Fire Safety

June 18, 2014 in Self funding care at home, Self Funding Care News, Self funding nursing care, Self funding residential care 

smoke-alarm-safetyA campaign is being launched this month to highlight the need to test your smoke alarm SAFELY on a regular basis.

The campaign, which is called GOODPOINT has been launched after the results of a survey were revealed in which over 85% of people will endanger their lives by climbing on a chair, standing on a shelf or some other dangerous practice that they have always done to test their alarm; with the majority of those being aged over 55.
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Self Funding Care News: More Investment Required For Better Quality of Care For The Elderly

March 31, 2014 in Self Funding Care News 

gcgFamilies consistently rate the childcare they use higher than the care for their elderly relatives, according to the latest reviews on the Good Care Guide website.

The Good Care Guide reveal that children receive better Quality of Care than their elderly relatives, with 88% of nurseries and 91% of agencies that supply nannies recieving top marks for their Quality of Care, which is great achievement when you see that only 78% of care homes have received the same accolade. Read More