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Help self funders understand their self funding care options; understand care funding jargon and help to guide your self funding care actions.

Self Funding Care Guide – Domiciliary Care

August 27, 2014 in Self Funding Care Guide 0 Comments

marycliffOnce an assessment has been undertaken, a care plan will be provided. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has to go into a residential or nursing home permanently. Often providing domiciliary care is preferable for the individual as they remain in their own surroundings and retain a level of independence.

Respite care can aso be provided where an individual has a short stay in a home to provide respite for either the individual or their carer.
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Self Funding Care Options

June 6, 2013 in Self funding care FAQs 0 Comments

do I qualify for NHS continuing care

The idea of self funding your own care can be an incredibly daunting one, especially if you are expecting to remain in care for the long-term (rather than for a period of respite). The truth is that care is expensive, and many people worry about how quickly their money is going to bleed out of their assets. As a result, too many resolve to sell their homes to release more funds. However, this is not always necessary. Here are a few options that might be available to help you with your self funding:
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