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Self Funding Care Guide – Nursing Care

October 15, 2014 in Self Funding Care Guide 0 Comments

helpWhere a residential home provides personal care only (such as help with washing, dressing and giving medication).

A nursing home provides care that needs to be carried out or supervised by a registered nurse (such as dressings, injections and so on) and must have a registered nurse present at all times.


There are two main types of nursing care:

  • homes attended by registered nurses who lead teams of carers
  • homes attended by registered mental nurses

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Do I have to self fund my nursing care?

May 22, 2013 in Self funding care FAQs, Self funding nursing care 0 Comments

what is NHS registered nursing care contribution?
When it comes to self funding your nursing care, it is always best to know your financial options. Nursing care can, after all, be very expensive.

You may qualify for help towards funding your nursing care if your assets are below £23, 250. Those who fall above this threshold will be classed as ‘self funders’ and most likely have to pay for all their nursing care fess.
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