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Self Funding Care News: Parliament passes the 2014 Care Act

May 21, 2014 in Self Funding Care News 

care-homesThe Government has passed the new Care Act 2014, which brings with it some significant reforms to the social care of adults.

The Act has also received Royal Assent.

Care Minister┬áNorman Lamb said ‘it represents the most significant reform of care and support in more than 60 years’.

The new act will introduce some major changes, including putting personal budgets on a legal footing.

Local councils have a duty of care, meaning that they must provide preventative services for healthcare for people in their care.

There will also be a national minimum for eligibility and a limit as to how much people will have to pay towards the cost of their care. Read More

Self Funding Care News: Cuts could mean fewer elderly will be looked after

December 16, 2013 in Self funding nursing care, Self funding residential care 0 Comments

how do I self fund residential care?Since the governments austerity programme started, the number of older people who would have received state funded care and support in England has fallen dramatically.

There are almost half a million less old and disabled people receiving care and support from the public purse than would have been the case before the financial crisis in the UK.


The research has been released just as MP’s vote Today on the coalition’s care bill, which aims to overhaul the care system in England, but is threatening to tighten the rules further of eligibility for state support.
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