Self Funding Care

Help self funders understand their self funding care options; understand care funding jargon and help to guide your self funding care actions.

Self Funding Care: Means Test Explained

November 27, 2013 in Self funding care FAQs 0 Comments

jimIn Layman’s terms, means testing is quite simply a financial assessment that is used by local authorities to determine who will pay for the cost of someone’s care needs.  This will either be them, or you.  The overall goal of means testing is for them to decide if they feel that you have enough, in terms of assets, to pay for your own care.  If they decide that you can afford it, then you will need to self fund your care, however, if they do not feel that you have sufficient assets to fund your care, they will pay either all of your costs, or some of them.
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Self Funding Care: Types of Care Home

November 13, 2013 in Self funding nursing care, Self funding residential care 0 Comments

Twhat is NHS registered nursing care contribution?here are several types of care home available to people looking for self funding care.  Each type of care home is suitable for a different variety of personal needs, and typically these are broken into two categories: Residential Care and Independent Living.
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